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Central Vapors is known for great deals, frequent giveaways, customer service, and premium e-Juice Made in the USA. With over 100 different flavors of e-Juice and with proven quality ingredients, Central Vapors exceeds the requirements of a safe and amazing tasting eLiquid.

The Central Vapors Team consists of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who understand what it takes to make a superior E-Liquid product while still available to customers at low prices. Every bottle of eJuice or eLiquid is meticulously created when a customer places an order to ensure only the freshest product possible for customers.

Central Vapors dedication to continuously expanding its available eLiquid flavors, always keep customers guessing what they could possibly come up with next. Customers are welcome and even encouraged to take part in suggesting new flavor ideas as well as leave feedback for others which creates a fun experience for all visitors.

Each and every day precision lab test are random performed on real orders to ensure the accuracy of nicotine concentration in the vapor liquids to within +/- 1 mg ensuring customers what they order is truly what they get. All vapor ingredients are handpicked from vendors who offer only the purest nicotine liquid and USP grade kosher certified PG/VG on the market. Also, every ingredient used in Central Vapors eLiquid always come from only U.S. based suppliers and never sourced from China. The Central Vapors Team works day and night for our customers, so give us a try and we’ll prove it, because we believe “Well done is better than well said”.

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