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Premium American Made Eliquid

Crystal Canyon Vapes focuses on creating the highest caliber eliquid that is both clean tasting and pure.

We only use American made ingredients with the highest quality control standards. We do all of this while not using fragrances, food colorings, flavor enhancers or chemical additives.

Shouldn’t you feel good about what you vape?

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They sayFast shipping, good prices.
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Crystal Canyon Vapes 11.0

After spending the last year looking for some great tobacco e juices and being left with disappointment time after time i am happy to say i have found the golden ticket in the chocolate bar (please excuse the willy wonka reference). But seriously, i have spent probably around $3000 trying every tobacco out there, from synthetics to all the naturally extracted tobaccos and even whole tobacco alkaloids and nothing compares to this company. Crystal Canyon has the best tobacco ejuices i've ver tasted and i've ordered just about all of them now from Crystal Canyon with the exception of the menthols which i don't vape so can't comment on. These tobacco juices have such a nice smoky but savory flavor, it's really amazing. And they taste great, nothing ashy or nasty. And they don't use any chemicals or anything. Very clean tasting. The packaging is awesome, and i love the glass bottles. The shipping is also amazing as well as the customer service. Just incredible all the way around. I will be a lifetime customer of this company, in fact, i've given away my other juices and made Crystal Canyon my only vendor now.

Country you bought from: usa

  • Amazing taste
  • Fast shipping
  • Awesome service
  • none
Posted on September 20, 2018 7:22 pm
Crystal Canyon Vapes 11.0

I am hooked on Crystal Canyon. Everything they offer has been amazing. I made an account here, just to write them a positive review. I have over 130 bottles of juice, and just about every bottle is collecting dust. This is partially because of the consistency in which the juice is made from bottle to bottle. When I find a juice that I enjoy, I order at least one more bottle, but it happens all to often that the second bottle is not near as good as the first. Not because I am burnt out on the flavor, but because there is something not right. This is not true of all companies, but it tends to happen more often than I would like to write about. But this is not the case with each and every juice I have ordered from Crystal Canyon. I was introduced to this company by a friend that works at one of my local vape shops. He knew that I have been looking for a tobacco vape for over 6 months, One month ago I walked in and he had a 15ml of Empire in 3mg. He let me try it and I was hooked. I ordered a 30ml in 3mg, and that did not last more than two days. I contacted Crystal Canyon, and told them my particular specifications in what I wanted in my 120 ml bottle of Empire, and they had it sitting on my front door in under 3 days. I have tried Ballistic, Beechwood, Black Pearl, High Noon, Islander, Pioneer, and Wild Blue from them. Each Juice was consistent with the flavor profile listed, PG/VG Ratio ordered, and Nicotine Preference. Thank you Crystal Canyon for making some seriously bad to the bone juice, and I cannot wait to try each and every flavor offering.

Country you bought from: USA

  • Consistency
  • Fast Shipping and Great Prices
  • Simply Amazing Juice
  • Not offering their juice in Liter sizes
  • Nothing
Posted on July 7, 2015 3:39 am
Crystal Canyon Vapes 11.0

Crystal Canyon Vapes is still my #1 vendor after all this time (one year now). The eliquids are of the highest quality, made with the finest ingredients, and always consistent and always packaged top-notch(cardboard boxes and bubble wrap). If you are looking for a reliable vendor that makes excellent juices with no dyes or colors added and the finest ingredients available, try Crystal Canyon Vapes. They use glass dropper bottles also, so no worries of your juice tasting like plastic or turning bad after a short time. I've been vaping for 2 years now and am very picky about the juices I vape. For over a year, Crystal Canyon has been my go-to source when I stock up on eliquids. They ship orders out within a day or two from the time you order and they never discontinue my favorite flavors. I have no complaints with this company. The flavors always taste right so they must use recipes unlike many other places I've ordered from in the past.

Country you bought from: USA

  • Consistent Juices that always taste right
  • Glass Dropper Bottles
  • Appropriate Price Point
  • None in my experience
Posted on July 12, 2014 12:55 pm
Crystal Canyon Vapes 11.0

Just received my first order from CCVapes. Ordered a Vapor Plus pack, one 15ml juice plus two 5ml juices for $16 plus $3 for shipping. VERY reasonably priced and shipped to my door in 3 business days. Sipping on my first juice, the famed Vertigo, now. Delicious! Package included a 10% coupon for next order. VERY NICE!

I will be ordering again!

Country you bought from: USA

  • Fast
  • Professional
  • Surpurb quality
Minors No minors
Posted on May 5, 2014 6:58 pm
Crystal Canyon Vapes 10.8

Crystal Canyon Vapes is by far the best ejuice company in the business. They stand on their quality, and their consistency, when you buy a flavor ejuice from them, you know it is going to be that same flavor, time after time. The consistency is the best in the business, no other company has the level of quality and consistency of CCV. The customer service is top notch as well, Marc at CCV goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are happy, if it can be done, he will do it, you can count on that!!! It's very refreshing to know a company has more than your wallet on their mind, he takes pride in his work and it shows!! Would HIGHLY recommend CCV to anybody looking for a consistent top notch brew!!

Country you bought from: US

  • Consistency
  • great selection
  • great staff
Minors No minors
Posted on November 1, 2013 2:54 pm
Crystal Canyon Vapes 10.0

Crystal Canyon Vapes has pleased me with all of the flavors I have tried, which happens to be almost all of them. CCVapes makes an eliquid called Geneva that is the only Chocolate vape I have had that doesnt taste like a putrid chemical. Now that takes some talent and not a one of his flavors have any nasty after taste. The put a lot of testing into their products and will not release the flavor until they feel it is perfect. That's the sign of a vendor who wants more than your money. They want you to enjoy vaping so you will stay off the tobacco cigarettes.

Country you bought from: USA

  • Always running a sale
  • flavors that are true to there name
  • never a bad flavor
Minors No minors
Posted on October 25, 2013 2:53 am
Crystal Canyon Vapes 10.8

I have been ordering from CC Vapes for several months now and it has become my #1 source for eliquids. I've been vaping for 16 months and off analogs for 14 of those months and have ordered from many, many vendors. The biggest issue has been finding a vendor who makes eliquids with consistency; ie, being able to order a juice that tastes the same bottle after bottle in successive orders. In my experience, I would find a flavor I liked but when I ordered the same flavor a second or third time, the flavor was never the same twice, as if the vendor did not have a recipe but was just randomly mixing juices and hoping for the best. One vendor I had found actually started mixing batches and pouring the bottles while claiming each was hand made...and he kept changing the recipe while denying it; I knew just by the color and taste that it wasn't the same and his lying just made it worse. I found Crystal Canyon Vapes and began ordering sample packs and watching reviews on them at that point. I then began trying more and more of their juices as the samples were excellent. I began ordering the largest (60 ml) bottles after that and was scared that the same thing was going to happen (the recipe would change). After many successive orders, I was relieved to find that each bottle was the same great quality as the surprises!! Not only that, but the vendor was ALWAYS pleasant and kind and NEVER lied to me!!! Also, each package was carefully wrapped in two layers of individual bubble wrap per bottle plus more bubble wrap top and bottom that extended along the sides and always came in a sturdy cardboard box...never half-wrapped in a paper envelope, and NEVER any leaks as the bottles are individually sealed. The ingredients are always the highest quality and always mixed the way you don't get any bad surprises! Also, you can depend on CC Vapes...they don't get you hooked on flavors and then suddenly announce those flavors are no longer available like my previous vendors have done. I am just happy with this company and feel safe ordering from them and don't have to worry about things not going right. I have been ordering exclusively from CC Vapes for two months now whereas before I was ordering from four or five different vendors. The flavors are unique and delicious, the customer service is the best, the presentation of the product is outstanding and the packaging is always very secure. Also, there are sales going on most of the time, contests, and always great communication. I haven't found anything to complain about here. The company seems to be growing steadily but not so fast as to overwhelm. There isn't a long waiting time after you order before your juice gets shipped and the store is always open and ready to take your order. He has enough help so that he can get orders prepared in a reasonable time frame and shipped out quickly. Its nice to be able to place an order for $200 worth of juice and know it will all be as great as the first juice you got. I never worry that I'm going to get a bad bottle or end up with something other than what I expected. This is the only vendor I trust and the only one I will order a lot of juice from at one time.

Country you bought from: USA

  • Cream of the Crop
  • Reliable and Dependable
  • Consistency is Solid
Minors No minors
Posted on October 21, 2013 5:35 am
Crystal Canyon Vapes 10.6

So far, all I have tried from this company is the Caramel Cap, but I must say, if it is any indication of the rest of their flavors, they are an amazing company. This juice is absolutely heavenly... I describe it as "a party in my mouth" and that is truly the only way I can put it into words. Keep in mind, I have never been a coffee flavored vaper until right now. Customer service is top notch, and presentation and shipping are spectacular. I will definitely be throwing a big chunk of my paychecks at these guys. I almost never vape high PG, and this was received in stock 70/30 and it has been an absolutely great experience. I will be trying many other juices, but this is now on the ADV list.

Country you bought from: USA

  • Fast shipping
  • Great flavor
  • Great people
  • None that I can see.
Posted on September 26, 2013 6:18 pm

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