Cyclops Vapor

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The Essence of Olympus

Crafted from the finest ingredients, the Cyclops creates smooth, rich and unique flavors every vaper will love.
Discover the mystical chemistry that creates this nectar of the Gods.

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Added by vaporvickie

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I have been vaping for one year this month (July). My husband got me into vaping. I was previously a two-pack a day smoker for 30+ years. I have been cigarette-free for almost a year now! August 14th will be one year without smokes. I love vaping! I feel awesome now that I don't smoke.
They sayI am very pleased with Cyclops Vapor. They are dedicated to crafting the finest eliquids possible. They use only the highest quality ingredients and do not cut corners by making weak or watered down juices. I was amazed at the high quality of their liquids. Also, they are friendly and offer great customer service. Cyclops Vapor has recently earned two Spinfuel awards for Colossus and Athena. I believe we will be hearing a lot more about this vendor in the near future.
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Cyclops Vapor 10.8

Cyclops Poseidon is one of the best juices I have ever tried. They say it's a mixture of fruits and melon, I say it's heaven. It's smooth and full of flavors, that could be described as refreshing. Easily an ADV for me. I tried it at the store out of a CE4 tank and wasn't over the moon, but wanted to spice up my collection. I am so glad I brought it home! I can definitely foresee myself ordering more of this juice on the regular. Athena and Artemis were good flavors as well, but IMO, they do not hold a candle to Poseidon!

Country you bought from: USA

  • tastes amazing
  • smooth hit
  • refreshing aftertaste
Minors No minors
Posted on October 19, 2014 2:54 am

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