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What was once a hobby evolved into a full-fledged passion for Kevin Drake, Owner and Curator of Drake’s Vapes juice line. As he himself puts it, “this started out of my love for all that is e-cigs. I had been making juice for myself and friends and soon it turned into a full-fledged business.” A full-time musician by day, Drake spends most of his energy being musically active within numerous bands including an early stint with 30 Seconds to Mars and more recent additions to Polaroid Kiss. Currently putting forth his efforts into a solo E.P. with Zzyzx Records, one could assume that this guy has little time to spare for business, but that assumption would be dead wrong.

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Drakes Vapes 8.3

I've been wanting to order from Drake for months now, but with postage from the states and the size of the bottles I held back, then yesterday I spotted a new sample pack with nine 10ml bottles (one of each flavour) and thought well, it's the perfect way to get to know the flavours before committing to a 30ml bottle (why don't more vendors offer this?).

I stuffed up my delivery address when I filled out the form but got a reply in moments when I emailed Vape Goddess to ask them to change it. The only downer is that it's from the states and will take a loooong time to arrive. Ah well, I guess it'll be nice and steeped when my vapemail arrives.

Country you bought from: UK

  • Fantastic range of flavours
  • 9x10ml sample pack makes it easy to try out flavours
  • Instant reply
  • USPS takes a long time to get the UK
Posted on July 18, 2013 8:50 pm

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