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We strive to introduce five new flavors each quarter. The nicotine in this product comes from the Netherlands and Germany. The flavors come from America and Europe. Everything is fully certified (including leaflet) and packed in a safe controlled environment where also medical vials are filled.

80% pg 20% vg ratio for optimal vapor experience.

Hopefully the flavors tempt you .. I know at least what my favorite flavor is.

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Added by taffus

They sayTessa van der Leeuw (Leeuw means lion) is young woman but one of the frontrunner entrepreneurs in The Netherlands when it comes to vaping. Last august she started her own line of liquids, Go Dutch. She really listens to the vamping community and regularly invites people to join tasting sessions of the new liquids. She got a great webshop; tripple AAA certified by the Dutch e-smoking branch organization.
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