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Our offer – made in Germany – is aimed at consumers, and distributors of e-cigarettes.

The slogan “The palate vapes with you” – stands for quality and high performance.

With over 500 different products with proven quality ingredients Happy Liquid meets the high
requirements of a safe and excellent tasting eLiquid. Happy Liquid sets new standards through strict
quality checks of the ingredients and use of computer-aided production documentation.

  • The basic components of the Happy-liquids are based in Germany.
  • For these commodities all Certificates of Analysis are available and guarantee the highest quality.
  • Happy-liquids are bottled by machine. Cutting-edge technology from the pharmaceutical industry guarantee optimum protection from contamination, as well as precise filling.
  • All ingredients are tested for identity and purity before they are used for the production of Happy-liquids.
  • The flavors used are sourced from Western European suppliers and flavors to Regulation
  • (EC) No 1334/2008 certified and released even if heated for use in compositions.
  • Our flavors are under the supervision of a physician and a pharmacist on the toxicological and
  • physiological compatibility checked prior to use.
  • It will be used exclusively flavors that do not contain diacetyl and not related di-or triketones.
  • -Flavors with known harmfulness / inhalation toxicity are not applicable.
  • Computergestüzte filling guarantees precise quantities.
  • A specially designed computer system logs every production step and supports the quality management system in production.
  • Each product is marked with batch number and expiry date so that all production steps for each liquid traceable.

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They sayGerman 'Grundlichkeit' (thoroughness).
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