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In the beginning “Do we have any more Carts? Did you add water to this? I think we are supposed to add some water. Oh no! The battery is running low! Quick, Plug it in to the PS3!” that was the sound of Christian Vargas and a good friend on a humid September night as they attempted to mix their first batch of “Storm Juice”, Hurricane Vapor’s signature product. They wrapped up the Frankenstein like experiment of mixing, testing and documenting, by checking every cartomizer and asking questions like “did this vape?” and “what do you think of this flavor?”. Little did they know the most important question of the night came as our fearless hero’s parted ways, “what did we get ourselves into?”. Although the night ended with the bitter taste of defeat, stale beer and funnions; they realized that every failure was in fact one step closer to success. That night began the laying of what they hoped to be the foundation of their successful venture, Hurricane Vapor.

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