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Juicy Vapor was founded by Brad McNamara and Anthony Brancato, two online friends who got into the personal vaporizor resale business in 2008. Brad was first in the business and Anthony followed suit with his business soon after. They were never in competition, but rather shared everything they did, as they were two small time companies in two different states. With the scare of vapor juices manufactured overseas back in 2009 by the FDA, Both Brad and Anthony decided that it was time to take the next step. They put down their retail resale business, and started to focus on manufacturing of their own brand of vapor juices. This was two separate lines of juices from two different businesses. After some time, instead of duplicating everything they did for both of their businesses, they decided to merge and create Juicy Vapor.

Juicy Vapor has taken the approach since day one to create every bottle of juice individually, one at a time. No mass production, no product sitting on the shelf. Juicy Vapor has been manufacturing this way since the beginning, and continues to do so even when filling 5-10,000 bottle orders for our retailers located around the globe. Juicy Vapor currently offers over 900 flavors in 3 base recipies and 13 nicotine levels.

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Juicy Vapor 10.8

Awesome company. Professional, Friendly and smart! I frequent their local shop in upstate NY. They can teach you how to rebuild, tell you about battery safety and help you with anything vape related. You can also fully customize their juices or create your own. This place is always the first place I go for vape gear. It may be worth noting that they are going through a name change from Juicy Vapor to Nixteria. I am always sending people there war because everything about this place is awesome. They are the oldest shop that I know of in WNY. I could just as soon support them then joe blow down the street with daddy's money and shiny signs and crappy juice. Let the adults work and hook you up with the good stuff. check this place out!

Country you bought from: USA - Local WNY

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Posted on April 9, 2015 1:19 pm

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