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We are an electronic cigarette company based out of Charlotte, NC.

We use only the best ingredients in the USA for all of our E Liquids and every bottle we sell is handcrafted by us, here at Mr Vape Inc. Our box mods are also handcrafted by us, and are one of many different mods that we have made. We truly enjoy creating our box mods to fit what you want out of an electronic cigarette!

We also handcraft our own drip tips out of a wide variety of materials. Each drip tip is handcrafted by Mr Vape Inc.

Our company is about you, our customer, so we will do all we can to provide you with top quality products and great customer service!

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Added by nailz

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Started vaping in March 2013, still trying a lot of different vendors and juices, there is so many to try :)
They sayGood juice with fast shipping, can order s free sample on every order, so can get to try new flavors for free, says 3mil sample, but mine always been close to 10mils
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