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A group of friends who were tired of driving hours to get our e cigarette needs and liquid.

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Orange County Vapor 3.0

For a very small town shop just opening I didn't expect much. I got my first taste of OCV when I picked up my phone and called them with some basic questions. The guy i talked to was rude and short with me. (shrugged it off we all have bad days).
My next taste and my last was my visit to the store front. Walked in to a very large gentleman standing behind the counter giving me one of those "death ray stares"(very uncomfortable). Tried tossing a smile his way he wasn't having it. Asked about the flavors of their juices (hard to tell what Nova is so I just asked the flavor so I didn't get any surprises (more short answers/weird looks). I saw he was vaping on a mod, so I asked which mod he was using, (more short answers with odd looks) by now I am just ready to pick any flavor and get the hell out of this guys store. ( wouldn't have spent a dime but I was out of juice). No Thank you for checking us out,not one smile, nothing but silence. Now one would think just opening a new store in a small town with 75% of the town in poverty you would want to make some sort of effort to somewhat nice to your customers so you have a fighting chance at getting some repeats,and make a few dollars along the way. Here's a fact, I earn my money and have the right to spend it where I want, If you don't seem interested in my money then I will find someone who does. Sad thing is, I've seen clerks at gas stations pushing their 20$ kits that give people better advice and more interaction then this guy did in a " Vapor specialist shop".
Want my advice? Stay clear from this place and line up with some you tube videos on Vaping, then find an online store with what you want and let this store cook awhile, I see nothing good about it. Whoever is in charge of this store if that was you I interacted with that day what a shame. I thought I found somewhere close to get my needs but I'm just going to keep buying my goods online. Learn to be nice and informative to your customers and they will keep coming back for more. I have talked to a dozen people about this store and the same consensus all the way around " Short answers and Rude attitudes" Remember: Word of mouth is your friend or it can be your enemy.

  • Lots of e-juice flavors
  • Locally owned
  • Competitively priced
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service
Posted on January 8, 2014 2:48 am

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