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One of the largest European vendors selling everything from your ordinary Dekang juice to the delicious Danish Specialty Copsa ByCopsa Juice.

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They sayThey are a top vendor with a long list of juices and equipment.
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Pink Mule 6.4

I am very surprised that I am the first to review them, but here it goes. So I have to give them props for carrying GVC. Everyone knows that when Grant is out of stock there are only a few places in which to acquire his ever elusive Vanilla Custard. This is what brought me to pink mule. So I ordered up 100ML on December the 29th 2013. Today is the January 14th 2014, and my juice just barely arrived in the United States yesterday. So 15 days to get from Spain to the Eastern US. Some might say that this not Pink Mule fault they don't control the mail. True but in a sense it is their fault, WHY? Well its simple they use Registered Mail as their shipping service from the USPS. Registered Mail is the slowest service that the USPS has. Why because it is the most secure way to send items such as Diamonds, Jewelry, Gold, things that are worth a significant amount of money! That's why you get 25,000 insurance with Registered Mail. Now I know GVC is like gold and it is rare, but come on it's totally unnecessary!! My buddy ordered Grants from Bulgaria " VapourArt" a week ago and he has had his juice for 3 days now. So needless to say if you are going through GVC withdraws and it's the only place you can get it. Then us Pink Mule, but if not then order from Cloud9 or VapourArt as they have shipping like DHL and USPS Priority Mail, you know something that gets you your juice sooner than the next Millennium. Who like waiting for vapemail hmmm ya oh that's right no one does!! I wanted it yesterday, not today!! Oh and just a little addition, 90% of my inquires and questions to them went unanswered!

  • The Have GVC
  • The Prices Are Fair
  • GVC
  • Shipping Is Slower Than Hell!!!
  • Inquires Go Unanswered
  • Customer Service
Posted on January 15, 2014 5:38 am

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