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We are a small business in Indianapolis, Indiana that was opened with the idea of helping people to find a more healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. Randy Dugan (owner), Started using an electronic cigarette in 2010 without a ton of success. It was hit and miss at best. All until a friend led him to a better quality product and a much more tasty flavor. This was followed by great success in quitting cigarettes all together. The problem was that all of his e-juice, atomizers, tanks, batteries, etc…were coming all the way from Hawaii!! So needless to say it took quite some time to get products to the door. Thankfully he discovered that there are places MUCH closer to buy products from.

Late in 2012 Randy gave his brother Danny (manager) a basic EGO style pass-through kit for Christmas because he had a baby on the way and didn’t want to smoke around the child. This was met with immediate success as Danny quit smoking cigarettes the next day and hasn’t had one since!

Seeing how quickly these e-cigs actually worked it was quickly decided to try and open a store locally to help others achieve the same results. We opened our first store in a flea market on the south side of Indianapolis figuring that if it didn’t work out then maybe we wouldn’t lose too much because there wasn’t too much invested in that point. Little did we know that we would outgrow our first booth in less than 2 weeks!

Obviously this wasn’t going to work for us so we upgraded to a larger booth, better display cases, and a little more area to handle the influx of customers that we were seeing each week. Inevitably we outgrew that booth too, but by this time we had amassed a good amount of loyal customers who were there almost every time we were open. Sometimes just to hang out for a couple hours!

During this time it was discovered that Danny has a bit of a knack for mixing super tasty e-liquids for the masses. He has been on a roll creating between 5-10 new flavors each and every weekend. Our flavor list quickly sprouted up close to 200 flavors. We continue to make all of our flavors in house and cater to each individual Vaper’s needs.

So that brings us up to today. We have recently opened a brand new location on the west side of Indianapolis. The new location is much larger than the flea market and we can handle many more customers than we could before.

We would really like to thank all of our loyal customers who have stuck with us over the past 9 months. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be in business. Its a learning experience every single day and we can honestly say that this has been the most fun “job” we have every had!

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They sayWide selection of flavors and a vapor can taste them all before you buy! Friendly knowledgeable staff who are there to help you choose the right gear to suit your experience level.
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