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After spending hundreds of duck-bills trying various juices, Mrs. Quack and I were almost ready to give up on vaping. Even though we both smoked menthol 100′s, we discovered early on that neither of us liked tobacco flavors. After trying hundreds of various fruit, dessert, candy, coffees and other types of flavors we decided that we liked mildly sweet flavors, but everything we tried was either too weak or just out and out gaggy sweet. We had to find that perfect middle of the road sweet spot.

We finally decided we had to take this into our own feathery hands. Knowing what base flavors we liked, we started experimenting with various mixes. Finally after about 3 months Gizzard Juice and Goose Juice were born. Within a few weeks a lot of our local vaping friends had tried the flavors and word was spreading quickly. Soon we had people knocking at our duck pond door looking for juices. As demand grew regionally we knew we were onto something. So here we are opening up our little duck pond to the world.

We hope you enjoy our juices as much as we and our friends do,


Head Duck in the Pond

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Am a vaper for the last 3 years.I started vaping to cut the analogs and this became more than this.My search for the best juices are my priority cos everything start from a good juice.I had taste most of the juices out there and making my own recipes etc
They sayGreat quality juices,amazing customers support
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Quacks Juice Factory 8.9

I bought Goose Joose and Gizzard Juice. The only two flavors. Soon to be three. I love Goose Juice and Gizzard is steeping. I ordered them in the middle of the week and got them the next monday. Great juice and I got a sticker!

Country you bought from: US

  • Great Juice
  • Quick Delivery
  • none
Posted on January 23, 2014 2:15 am
Quacks Juice Factory 8.4

Fantastic juice, my ADV. Love the vapour production and the taste. Never far from my hand!

Country you bought from: USA

  • Taste
  • Vapour Production
  • Have to import from USA
Posted on January 20, 2014 12:07 pm

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