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Three Innovators That Love What They Do

Starting at the bottom is never fun, but that’s exactly how RastaVapors began. After becoming incredibly dissatisfied with disposable eCigarettes, we set off on an adventure to find an alternative. When numerous attempts to find an eliquid juice to satisfy our taste buds ended with poor results, we decided to take a risk and venture into producing an eliquid juice of our own. RastaVapors was created with a focus to craft smooth and satisfying eliquids that delight every taste bud. We are three passionate individuals with innovative thoughts and ideas. We have been crafting flavors that inspire and embrace a positive vibe in everyone. This is just the beginning to the endless possibilities that vapors ignite in our soul.

We love what we do because we create what we love! We invite you to join us on this amazing journey.

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Rasta Vapors 8.9

you guys have a local shop here in riverside jax fl, and i say i love it. tho the old vapor shop you replaced had some great ppl you guys are way more laid back and really take a "rasta" approach to things, the fact that you guys are turning out your own juice is amazing and i hope you stay for years to come you rock

Country you bought from: usa

  • local (jax,fl)
  • great team
  • fantastic flavors
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Posted on October 11, 2013 8:49 pm

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