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Signature E-Cigarettes was established to deliver the best e-cigarette product in the United States. We noticed that most of the products on the market, the ones widely available, were really not any good. They feel flimsy in your hand and the smoking experience was lackluster. Our desire is to build SigECig as the company with the highest standards for excellence and quality. We want our brand to be the Mercedes Benz of Electronic Cigarettes.

SigECig was founded in early 2013 and is headquartered in downtown Long Beach, moments from the port and about 6 blocks from the beach. All of our ecigs are manufactured by the same company that manufactures e-cigarette products for the #1 Brand of Ecigs in the UK. So when we work with new retailers, that is a fact that sets us a part from the “other guys” because we have the capacity to deliver quality in large quantities, and to do that with consistency. We spent a lot of time researching and testing the best combinations of flavors & ingredients, materials, and packaging design. We have 5 Signature juices that are wickedly delicious.

Most importantly, SigECig is a company that is customer centric. We absolutely want your feedback on our ecigs, because it is important to us. Feel free to connect with us and start the conversation, right here in our blog, or on twitter @SigECig

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They sayThey are a direct competitor for Blu Cigs, with similar look. SigECig is going for that high end design and feel, it's a really great smoke. Their marketing is based on the idea "Burn Blu for Less" and "Don't smell like an ashtray". The website is super easy to use, with the best checkout I have ever experienced. If you have used Blu Cigs before, or are interested in the traditional cigarette type look and feel, SigECig is the best possible choice because you are getting the same quality but at a much more affordable price point.
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