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This is where you’ll find our range of E liquids. E cigarette liquid is the solution you load into your e cig to give it its vapour, its flavour and its nicotine. The liquid is a combination of nicotine, flavourings and propylene glycol to create the actual vapour. As it burns it gives off a vapour, but this vapour contains only minimal amounts of the harmful ingredients found in cigarette smoke. This means that you can enjoy an experience that closely mimics that of smoking a cigarette, while inhaling far less of the carcinogens and other damaging components you get from smoking tobacco.

Everyone needs something different from their choice of E liquid. It’s not just about picking a flavour that suits you (although that is important), it’s also about matching the E liquid to your own smoking habits. If you’re a light smoker you won’t need much in the way of nicotine, so a lower strength of Eliquids will suit your needs. On the other hand, if your smoking habits are relatively heavy you will need a stronger dosage to keep the cravings at bay. It’s important to get the balance just right so that you’re able to get used to the electronic cigarette. As well considering how often you smoke, you should also think about when you smoke. If you have one in the morning before work and don’t smoke again until the end of the day you may want a stronger dosage to keep your nicotine levels up. If you’re more of a chain smoker then a weaker dosage will be all you need. Unlike cigarettes, where the strength of the nicotine will always stay the same from one cigarette to another, with ecigs you’re able to moderate your nicotine intake, allowing you to enjoy a safer, healthier alternative to smoking that’s also more pleasant for the people around you.

Our stock currently includes two different types of liquid. The first is T-Juice, a brand that isn’t the cheapest eliquid in the UK, but contains the highest quality pharma-grade nicotine available in the European Union. T-Juice use extremely strict batch control to make sure that every bottle they sell is of the highest quality. T-Juice comes in 13 different flavours in strengths ranging from 8 to 24mg and up to 30ml.

If you want a cheap eliquid, but you don’t want to sacrifice on quality then the other kind of eliquid we sell comes from Hangsen, the largest supplier of E liquid in the world. Their E liquids are 70% propylene glycol and 30% vegetable glycerine which uses only natural tobacco ingredients. We stock over 40 different flavours of E liquid from this brand in a range from strengths from low (6mg) to medium (11mg), high (18mg) and strong (24mg) in 10 and 20ml bottles. Their CEO developed the first recipe for E liquids back in 2004, and this company has been working on refining those recipes ever since.

As well as deciding on what strength of E liquid you want to use, you should also think about what sort of flavour you’re looking for. Do you want something that closely matches the taste of a real cigarette or cigar? Or would you rather not be reminded of that taste and go for something a little different? When you first begin to try electronic cigarettes it’s a good idea to try some different flavours to work out which is the best e liquid fit for you. Our flavours come in everything from regular rolling tobacco through to coffee, tangerines and minty gum, so whatever you want out of your electronic cigarette, we’ve got the E liquid to suit you. Have a look through the pages of flavours available in 10 to 30ml.

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They sayA great shop for all your vaping needs with an excellent variety of liquid flavours
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Smokshop 10.2

Really impressed with this company - Used for the first time yesterday - Ordered a Davide King Glassomizer late yesterday afternoon and within the hour had an email to say it had been shipped - received this morning - very happy! I'm most impressed with the low shipping charges - so many other online retailers charge far too much - will use again for sure.

Country you bought from: UK

  • Quick delivery
  • Low shipping charges
  • Competitive pricing
  • none
Posted on August 29, 2014 1:24 pm
Smokshop 8.6

The Smokshop has all the flavours that I could ask for and then some.

From "normal" fruit flavours like Apple, black cherry, and blackcurrant.
Flavours that would satisfy my sweet tooth like butterscotch, chocolate, and caramel to name a few,
and those bizarre complex flavours from T-Juice (Vamp vape and Strawberri being my favourites)
to the tobacco flavours that we all knew and loved

They vary in strength from 0mg to 24mg also offering pure flavour/concentrate

Aside from the flavours they have a good selection of tanks, clearomizers (I am very happy with my Pro tank II) batteries and other accessories.

my only gripe is I have found that some of the liquids I want are out of stock, or only available in some of the stronger strengths, but then there are so many others to choose from, and I am sure that lack of stock just means that they are very popular.

I would like to see more variety in the size of the bottles available.

This was one of the first e-liquid shops I discovered online and one that I keep going back to.

Country you bought from: UK

  • variety
  • quick delivery
  • stock availability
Posted on November 19, 2013 12:10 pm

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