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We are a small company that takes pride in our product. We make all our juice in small batches using only the highest quality U.S.P and food grade ingredients. We also packagel our juice in glass bottles. We use the products that we make and cut no corners to bring you the premium STEAM JUICE!  If you have any questions about the product please feel free to contact us. We look forward to doing business with you. You can email or call direct.

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Smoked for 15 years, vaped from early 2013 - WOW what a difference. Really enjoy tasting something nice and not stinking of smoke all the time. Run marathons these days, couldn't have imagined that when I was smoking.
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Steam Juice 10.4

After 6 months of vaping, 30+ vendors, 100+ eliquids and much frustration I found Steam Juice. Jerry's Juice, Blue Moon and Snickerdoodle are winners. I still flavor chase a bit but will always have STEAM JUICE in my stash. Great CS, Great ship time and fine fine product. Burns clean, no gunk and lots of flavor. Thank you Steven!

Country you bought from: USA

  • mouthful of flavor
  • great vapor
  • complex
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Posted on February 28, 2014 2:17 pm
Steam Juice 10.4

So far, I have recieved Thick Vanilla Custard, Jerry Juice, and Coco Caramel Cream from this company, and please allow me to tell you they are AMAZING! All of them are from a similar flavor profile from what I can see, but you would never know. Everything has a very different, distinct taste. The Vanilla Custard is just "oh-so-yummy" and tastes exactly like the name. The Jerry Juice is the most decadent dessert I've ever had on my taste buds. The Coco Caramel Cream has the distinct kick of coconut, but of course just enough to make it taste glorious. The prices are wonderful, and customer service is second to none. If you are looking for a decadent vape that will have you shouting for more, more, more... order from this company. Mmmmm.

  • Great deals and prices.
  • Full of flavor, no skimping here.
  • Second to none in the customer service.
  • I keep running out. :P
Posted on August 28, 2013 8:13 pm
Steam Juice 8.4

I recieved 3 30ml bottles today as I got in on a sale last weekend. I got the 30-30 pack and got a third free, so 90mls for $28 shipped was good with me. I chose coco caramel cream, blue moon, and Jerry juice. All three smelled EPIC! Jerry juice was very complex but so tasty right out the mail, blue moon was overpowered by the vanilla bean icecream, might come through with steeping, and coco caramel cream was a good complex juice as well, dominated of course by coconut but with enough going on to not get bored of it to quickly. So overall, good experience, great juice, great price.

Country you bought from:

  • Great prices, always has a deal going.
  • Great dessert vapes.
  • Shipping is a bit slower than usual from California to Oklahoma than I'm use to, but that can be USPS's fault too.
Posted on August 23, 2013 2:00 am

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