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Trip Hammer is a master mixer, he blends natural flavours to create the ultimate taste sensation. All of Trip Hammers liquids are 50/50 PG/VG and all come with three different strengths 8mg (low), 18mg (med) and 24 mg (high).

With many years of experience Trip Hammer a.k.a. Tim offers an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes with many tobacco flavours and tasty sweet flavours. Trip hammer aims to produce e-liquid flavours that you wouldn’t find anywhere else; each unique flavour has its own satisfying flavour, keeping you away from traditional cigarettes.

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Prices ( 8.5 )
Product Selection ( 10.5 )
Delivery time ( 6 )
Customer Service ( 9.5 )
Product Availability ( 10.5 )

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Triphammer 9.5

I manly vape trip's juices i like trying various juces from Tripp his focus is on pudding flavours and most of them in terms of value and quality they are very good. There are some that I have found one or two to be simmiler to others or not a grate flavour etc. Overall the juces are good it's just deciceding what kind of trips juces you like
Juces are made to order from the website so there is a wait my advice would be to find some flavours you like and stock up.

Country you bought from: UK

  • Juce options
  • layering of flavours
  • website
  • some flavours I dident get on with
Posted on January 15, 2016 8:05 pm
Triphammer 8.3

I've made two purchases so far from triphammer. I've purchased crunchie, fizzy trifle, wine gums, fruit pastilles, love hearts and tiger stripe. They are reasonably priced considering they mix themselves. I did find them a little slow with posting. I ordered some juice last weekend and didn't receive them till Thursday. Their website is clear and they seem to add new flavours all the time.

Country you bought from: Uk

  • Wide flavour range
  • Different sizes and strengths
  • Good website
  • Slow despatch
  • Some flavours taste the same. Wine gums and love hearts
Posted on June 28, 2014 6:20 pm

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