Welsh Vapers, call to action.

Welsh vapers, your AM’s are about to vote on banning Vaping in public spaces. I’ve been following the meetings over the last few weeks and crazily, it looks like they’re going to vote in favour of the ban.

So, if you live in Wales, head over to Write to vape and use it to tell your AM why the new law is ridiculous and mustn’t come into force.

Electronic cigarettes are to be banned in enclosed public spaces and workplaces as part of a raft of radical health plans announced by the Welsh government.

This is not a petition, it’s a chance for you to send a message direct to your AM and make yourself heard

What the Welsh Vaping Ban will mean for you…

It will drive vapers out with smokers encouraging them to continue smoking and increasing passive tobacco smoke exposure.
It stigmatises and punishes vapers for choosing the ‘wrong way’ to quit.
The Ban encourages exaggerated perceptions of electronic cigarette harm among smokers.
Write to vape

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