What kind of Vaper are you?

We all knew who we were as smokers, myself I was firmly in the habitual group, but with vaping comes a new class of definitions, a new set of archetypes. Are you a Casual Vaper or a Connoisseur? Social snatcher or Vape Enthusiast? Never before has there been a way to find out – now there is.

We’ve worked tirelessly to figure out the 14 questions that matter the most and created a quiz that’ll take a couple of minutes to complete so you can define who you are. Only joking, but it’s a good bit of fun 😉

On to the Quiz…

Where do you buy your vaping gear?

What kind of device do you use?

You need some new juice, where do you go?

If a train leaves Chicago at 45 mph heading east and a train leaves New York at 70 mph heading west, how long after you sat down do you wish you could vape on trains?

Which vape forum do you use?

How long after you wake up do you vape?

What kind of atomiser do you use?

You might not get this if you're not in the UK, but I'm sure you will.

What is GVC?

You lose your ecig in a bar at the start of a night out, what do you do?

You've wrapped a new coil on an RBA and are using the pulse method to oxidise, it pops

Do you voop?

The FDA and MHRA want ecigs to be regulated as medicines. If that happens, what's your strategy?

What's in your vape box?

How do you deal with vapemail?

New to All the Juices?

Welcome to the first truly crowd-sourced vaping review site on the web – written by vapers, for vapers. Why not pull up a chair and once you’ve taken the quiz check out some e-liquid?

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