“Whether they’re called ‘e-cigarettes’ or ‘vaporisers’ the market is heating up”

“The biggest mistake was to call it an e-cigarette in the first place,” declares Jacob Fuller (pictured below), gently puffing or “vaping” on a slim matt black device.

Fuller, who runs blu eCigs UK, prefers the term “vaporiser”, as well he might given tobacco’s status as public enemy number one. But with its sleek vaporisers, which come in flavours such as cherry and vanilla, Fuller is serving up a sanitised vice. “Like Starbucks is to coffee, we want to be that to the electronic cigarettes category,” he says.

For the uninitiated: e-cigarettes – invented only 11 years ago in Beijing by a Chinese pharmacist – are battery-powered devices that simulate the effects of smoking by heating a nicotine liquid into vapour, which the user inhales and exhales. Other chemicals are added to create flavours such as menthol and vanilla.

Fuller thinks the “e-cig” label stunted the huge potential of the vaporiser market but the opportunity is still a large one with global sales hitting $3bn (£1.76bn) last year from a standing start in 2008. But the e-cigarette market is a drop in the ocean compared with the global tobacco industry, which is still worth more than $700bn (£411bn).The Guardian

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