“Why The Scared People Are Scared”

Great piece, and Dick says it as well as anyone could “Why The Scared People Are Scared”

Today, via this article in French magazine Challenge, we see exactly why they’re so scared.

“The market for nicotine replacement lost 7% in 2013. The rise of the electronic cigarette, increasingly used as a method to quit smoking, is the cause.

Since the rapid expansion of electronic cigarettes, sales of patches, gums and lozenges are plummeting in France as in other European countries. “This decline has been evident since the beginning of September,” says Sophie Ragot, Marketing Manager OTC and dermatology for GlaxoSmithklineBeecham, the company that markets Niquitin products.

According to the latest figures, the market for nicotine replacement therapy in France has fallen by 6.6% in 2013 to under 100 million euros of turnover (99.2 million to be exact) for the first time since 2010. “If we look at only the last quarter, the figures are even worse. Declining by 17% and even 35% for patches,” explains Sophie Ragot.”Dick Puddlecote

Read the full story here

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